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Excursión en bicicleta fatbike de graffiti y arte en Puerto Vallarta. proporcionado por Puerto Vallarta Cycling

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Excursión en bicicleta fatbike de graffiti y arte en Puerto Vallarta.

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  • Controles de temperatura a los participantes del tour al llegar
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Una nota desde Excursión en bicicleta fatbike de graffiti y arte en Puerto Vallarta.
Nos aseguramos constantemente de que su recorrido sea SEGURO durante estos tiempos, ¡gracias!
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Actualizado el 30/06/20 Es el establecimiento quien ofrece las precauciones de seguridad, y Tripadvisor no controla su precisión.
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Punto de salida
Xisco Bikes, 8A, De Los Tules 168, Jardines de Las Gaviotas, 48328 Puerto Vallarta, Jal., Mexico
3 h
  • Bebidas
  • Degustacion de comida
  • Aperitivos
  • Guía local
  • Uso de la bicicleta
  • Uso de casco
No incluye:
  • Propinas
  • Recogida y regreso al hotel.
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  • No apto para personas con problemas cardíacos o afecciones médicas graves
  • No es recomendable para viajeros con problemas de espalda
  • La edad mínima es de 14 años.
  • Puede ser operado por un guía multilingüe.
  • Funciona en todas las condiciones climáticas, vístete apropiadamente
  • Si se cancela debido a condiciones climáticas inseguras, se le dará la opción de una fecha alternativa o un reembolso completo
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  • Este tour/Esta actividad puede tener 6 viajeros como máximo
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JB404 escribió una opinión (mar de 2020)
13 aportes8 votos útiles
Nuestro grupo de tres hizo el recorrido en bicicleta con Carmen y lo pasamos muy bien. El viaje va a un ritmo relajado y se mantiene principalmente en las calles del vecindario de poco tráfico. Carmen pasó tiempo asegurándose de que nuestras bicicletas se ajustaran correctamente
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Fecha de la experiencia: febrero de 2020
1 voto útil
Catherine C escribió una opinión (mar de 2020)
Chicago7 aportes2 votos útiles
Tuvimos una gran mañana un poco brumosa para nuestro recorrido y tuvimos suerte de tener a Carmen para nosotros solos. Ella fue muy complaciente con nuestras necesidades, lo que realmente apreciamos. Fue muy divertido recorrer barrios y ver arte que la mayoría de los turistas
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Fecha de la experiencia: marzo de 2020
1 voto útil
billybox2014 escribió una opinión (feb de 2020)
Maple Ridge, Canadá19 aportes25 votos útiles
Mi amigo y yo fuimos motivados para hacer esta gira. Era caro a través de Trip Advisor (más de $ 100 canadienses cada uno). Terminamos reuniéndonos en su "oficina en casa", que era su casa. Firmamos exenciones, lo cual es comprensible. Nos dieron botellas de agua que antes
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Fecha de la experiencia: enero de 2020
Respuesta de bicipv, Owner de Excursión en bicicleta fatbike de graffiti y arte en Puerto Vallarta.
Respondida el 4 de feb de 2020
I am sorry that you were disappointed by the tour. It appears that we “started off on the wrong foot” and that we had poor communication. You are correct we are a small business that is run out of our house. I did not think that my using the term “home office” misrepresented us as something we are not, however, you clearly felt otherwise. I wish that you had told me about your misgivings regarding our use of reusable water bottles. We use these for two reasons. Firstly, we wanted to reduce our plastic waste and felt that reusable bottles, although they are plastic, would be more ecologically friendly as they can be used many times instead of the single use bottles which many people are trying avoid. Secondly, standard single use individual water bottles do not fit into standard bicycle water bottle cages. With the cobble and dirt streets there is constant vibration of the bike and we discovered that within a very short distance the bottles always fall out of the bottle cage. It is true that the outside of the reusable bottles do get scuffed and scratched up. This is because they must fit snuggly into the bottle cage so they do not fall out with the motion of the bike. This happens after just a few uses, but in no way affects the quality of the water inside the container. We thoroughly wash them after each use. If you recall from our short safety orientation before the tour, I informed the group that the water was purified and let everyone know that we could easily buy more if needed. I would have gladly carried a newly purchased bottle of water for you in my backpack. You said that you felt that the tour was not a good value and noted that a Vallarta Eats Food tour that you took was half the price. I agree that our friends at Vallarta Eats have wonderful tours, but they are not half the price of ours. I looked at Viator’s listings today and our tour was listed at $1,744.82 pesos and Vallarta Eats tours ranged from $1,036.50 to $1,658.41 pesos. These are walking tours that focus on food and do not have specialized equipment. You complimented us on our bikes. Thank you! Our bikes are name brand bikes that cost $30,000 pesos each (approximately $2,119 CDN). They also require consistent maintenance to keep them in good working order because they are exposed to dirt, sand, water, and even sometimes salt with every use. Maintaining and storing this specialized equipment is costly and is reflected in our price, which although is higher, is not 50% higher than Vallarta Eats. Moreover, our cycling tour covered a distance of about 14 kilometres. Riding a bicycle allowed you to see more of the city and visit neighbourhoods that you would not visit on a shorter walking tour. You mentioned that you felt that the people at the back got “left behind”. As I mentioned in the orientation, we travel on public streets and as such I cannot control the flow of traffic. There were times that the first part of the group crossed through an intersection and had to wait for the others, because at that moment a vehicle approached the intersection, but at no point did I take off and leave the people at the back on their own. We travelled as a group. I do regret that one of the participants had her shoe bitten by the dog. I was very relieved that she was not harmed and if you recall, I indicated that I would be changing the route of the tour as a result. I have ridden down that road countless times and all the little dog ever did was bark. I enjoyed the murals on that side of the cemetery and I wanted to share them with my customers. You also said that the “other family that took the tour with us didn’t seem too impressed either and wanted to end the tour a bit early and go back”. It is true that one member of the other group expressed a desire to go back earlier; however, whether the other members wanted to return early is uncertain. Moreover, you and the other person in your group said you wanted to see more art so we went to the skate park art to accommodate you. If you had truly wanted to return sooner, I again, wish you would have said something. Your biggest complaint seemed to be my apparent lack of knowledge about the street art. You said that you got tired of hearing me say that I did not know who the artist was or what the meaning behind the art. Here, I could have educated you better about street art. Unlike artists in a gallery, street artists don’t have artist statements that you can read that summarize their work. Often times, they let the work “speak for itself”. Moreover, some of the artists prefer to stay anonymous and sometimes purposely hide the true meaning of their work from the general public. This creates a bit of mystery around street art which I find alluring. (Apparently you did not.) Every time I learn a new fact about a piece or get the opportunity to meet another artist, I delight in adding that information to the tour. It is like hidden treasure. Possibly you did not hear me, because people tend to mill around taking photos, but I did tell the group about many of the pieces on the tour. I took a street art tour in Mexico City and my guide did not know the underlying meaning of some of the pieces, but it did not detract from my experience. Enjoying the art for its aesthetics and how it makes you feel is also a valid and desireable way to interact with it. During my safety orientation, I had emphasized that the participants should communicate their concerns to me, so that they could have the best experience. For some reason, you did not feel comfortable doing that during the tour itself. This experience has motivated me to find ways to improve communication with my customers so that they can get the most out our tours and feel comfortable telling me in the moment if they have concerns. Thanks, Carmen
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trishs614 escribió una opinión (ene de 2020)
Winnipeg, Manitoba4 aportes1 voto útil
Carmen y Clarence fueron geniales, desde la reserva en línea y los correos electrónicos con información adicional sobre el recorrido en sí. Carmen fue una gran guía, conocedora del arte del graffiti y de las bicicletas. Ella arregló un piso en poco tiempo! Pudimos ver más de los
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Fecha de la experiencia: diciembre de 2019
1 voto útil
Respuesta de bicipv, Owner de Excursión en bicicleta fatbike de graffiti y arte en Puerto Vallarta.
Respondida el 4 de feb de 2020
I am glad you enjoyed it. You were a fun group to ride with. You all had great energy! Your patience while the flat tire was being repaired was greatly appreciated. Go team Fat Bike! ;) Saludos, Carmen
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sm91 escribió una opinión (nov de 2019)
2 aportes
Esto fue muy divertido. Fue una excelente manera de ver partes de Puerta Vallarta que la mayoría de los turistas nunca ven. Clarence tiene conocimiento y es divertido estar con él. El ciclismo fue fácil, y el arte que me mostró fue genial. Viajaré con ellos cada vez que esté en
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Fecha de la experiencia: julio de 2019
1 voto útil
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Ofrecido por: Puerto Vallarta Cycling
muy buen servicio
Alquilé un par de bicicletas de ruta por tres días Las bicis están en muy buen estado. Ponerme de acuerdo con Cla
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Osvaldo G
Rodada a Sayuilta
Rente este Tour con Clarence, la asistenta, formalidad y atención inmejorables, una de las mejores experiencias que
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  • Soporte las 24 horas del día, los 7 días de la semanaLlamar:52 (81) 4170 3601

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