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Steven S
Pattaya, Tailandia492 aportes
Having researched what I could I had wanted to hire a boat and visit Capul Island and Sila Island. My resort arranged for a boat owner to come to my room. He wanted 6000 pesos but as I was alone I wasn't prepared to pay that amount. I did not want to miss visiting the pink beach so I negotiated a price just to go there and back from San Antonio Island. He wanted 4000 pesos but we settled on 3500 pesos.
I was to be picked up from my room at 6am. He arrived at 6.36am and took me by pedicab down to the boat terminal (about 200m). The boat owner told me it was around a 2 hour journey each way. I departed with a boat driver and a helper at 6.55am. The boating conditions were excellent, no wind and flat water. We arrived at pink beach at 8.40am.
There was only one other boat there but another boat arrived right behind me. The beach is only about 150m long. I paid an entry fee of 40 pesos. I don't know if any of the local people were required to pay. There are a few cottage huts available to rent at 500 pesos. A comfort room is also available.
The beach is a mix of sand and corals. Only at sections of the waters edge could you see a pink tinge. I think calling it a pink beach is a bit of a stretch.
Given the expensive cost of a boat, I think if you are a group you can share the financial burden. If you are 1-2 persons I wouldn't bother. The beach is nothing special. Certainly not worth a 2 hour boat ride to get to.
Escrita el 22 de junio de 2019
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Manila, Filipinas46 aportes
Coming from Bulan port of Sorsogon, we hired a boat for Php7000 going to Sila Island. Expensive yes, because we arrived late for the early schedule of boat going to Samar. Arriving there, its a beautiful place, the water is turquoise blue. The sand has bits of red sand grains making the sand pink a little. Try spending the night in the island, you can pitch a tent with minimal fee. Bring your food and stuff because there are no amenities in the island, only the small huts. Solar lamps and chargers will help to give you light and energy during the night. Less people only go this island and sometimes your group has the island on your own, a good thing because you can enjoy the place.
Escrita el 23 de mayo de 2017
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Melbourne, Australia16,646 aportes
Along with Filipino beaches in the Isla de Gigantes region offshore from Estancia, Iloilo Province, Panay Island, Samar's Sila Island (part of the seven island San Vicente islands grouping) would have to be the most beautiful beach that I have seen in Philippines.

We came by 'special trip' bangka from Capul Island for a very reasonable P1500 return (for the boat, not per person.) Due to calm early morning seas, the bangka only took 63 minutes to reach Pink Sand Resort (day use cottages only - no accommodation) on Sila Island.

The more normal approach would be from San Antonio (Dalupuri) Island, a trip that takes about one and a half hours each way in calm seas and costs considerably more (perhaps P3000 return.) One could also hire a bangka from Allen port but this would be a lengthy journey.

The pinkish nature of the sand was only noticeable when one peered at it up close, but the sun was already strong at this time of day (0845 or so.) We hired two benches with a canvas canopy and table for P140: the cottages had a group including a Catholic nun and cost P200 each.

The beach was extremely clean and stunningly beautiful.

It was matched by the snorkelling that commenced about two to three metres off the beach and featured many live corals in quite a long reef of perhaps 300 metres (I did not swim it all.) While most species were in singles or pairs rather than schools, I saw a good variety of colourful and inquisitive fish.

There are new, clean toilets but bring your own toilet paper as well as snacks and drinks. Take rubbish home with you.

Sunblock is essential but the experience is fantastic, so bring a snorkel mask, reef shoes and if you can fins to enjoy swimming with these magnificient smaller creatures of the sea created by God.

Great to see no rubbish lying around. The caretaker was pleasant.
Escrita el 22 de junio de 2015
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