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Lake Pandin . . .at last!
abr de 2017
Mi familia y yo fuimos al Lago Pandin por un capricho, y en vacaciones. Este viaje empezó desde una serie de lamentables sucesos para una gran aventura! La caminata cuesta arriba era agotador y quizás incluso peligrosa, especialmente para niños pequeños y mayores, y aquellos con problemas de salud. Teníamos una guía eficiente y muy cortés (Nathaniel), que, por una de 12 años de edad, fue bastante. Un pro! Incluso antes de empezar, nos dijo que los pagos para la excursión no está permitido. Empujando jadeando y puffing, llegamos allí! Era como estar en un centro comercial de venta de 3 días! Enorme multitud! Esperamos nuestro turno. Nos llevó casi 2 horas. Para llegar a la balsa. Sra. Tina, el expedidor, obviamente fue abrumado. De su 'Sistema' recibió un montón de quejas. Para ser sinceros, ella trató de hacer lo mejor, y lo hizo con tan siquiera una queja. Cuando, finalmente, nos dieron en la ancestral, fue el cielo! Nuestro 'bangkeros 'eran jóvenes, pero, bueno en su trabajo, había una cuerda guía que tenían que sacar a lo largo de ya que fuimos al otro lado del lago. En esa final fue un 'parking' para el balsas - un perfecto rincón - sombreado, tranquilo, y había incluso un columpio improvisado árbol atado a una! Disfrutamos de la hora de natación, tomar fotografías, etc. Tuvimos que volver ya que estaba oscureciendo. En nuestro camino de vuelta, había pocas personas en su camino! ! En general, es muy recomendable el Lago Pandin para turistas, locales y extranjeros. No vayas de vacaciones, aunque! !

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Muy bueno

Saint Paul, MN263 aportes
ene de 2022
Always been impressed with the motivation and self+ help initiative exhibited by the people around Lake Pandin. Not only is it the cleanest lake of San Pablo but it’s residents have taken the cudgel to improve their lives and to improve the lake. They are united in identifying their needs and how to satisfy
them and taken to task the rich landlord/s that formerly controlled access to the lake which I think should be a common and public property. There is now a cemented path from the highway to the lake, although a part of it is restricted to one lane. The village folks, led and inspired by a cooperative by the womenfolk, have coordinated services and use of the lake to tourists thru more efficient scheduling and working together to welcome, transport, feed, provide needed services. Up to now, they are not reliant on outside sources to clean and beautify Pandin. Their volunteer work can be seen in the improvements being made - the cemented road from the highway to the lake, the welcoming arch at the entrance, facilities being built, the routine cleaning and service improvement and others. The people and the improvements made are mighty impressive. Visitors will truly enjoy what Pandin offers.
Escrita el 25 de enero de 2022
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Cabuyao, Filipinas14 aportes
mar de 2020 • Familia
Instagramnable place! Very near Manila. Visited with my 13 year old son and sister from NZ. Surprisingly low cost worth it four hour drive from Manila. Better to reserve if you are in a big group but for a smaller group like us, you can come as a joiner. The food was amazing! All serve in the balsa while enjoying the picturesque view. Worth the php440.00 per head for tilapia, pako salad, okoy plus liempo as add on for php40.00. Parking is 50.00 per car with motorcycle ride going to the site at 50php/head. But you can walk from the parking to the lake if you want an exercise for 15 min walk. Call ate tina if you want to reserve at 09079952983
Escrita el 7 de marzo de 2020
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Turki S
68 aportes
oct de 2018 • Amigos
الموقع قريب من مانيلا ويمكن الذهاب له والعودة في نفس اليوم ..طبيعة خلابة ..ومكان جميل لقضاء يوم كامل
Escrita el 19 de marzo de 2019
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Singapur, Singapur12 aportes
nov de 2018 • Familia
Last minute plan,
Our family decided to visit & try to experience
the place. You don’t have to worry about the parking place if you’re driving, the people over there will lead you to the nearest parking lot once you reach the place(take note you need to pay). You need to walk 15 to 20 minutes, there will be a tour guide that will accompany your way to the lake (just give him a tip once you reach the waiting place). Upon arrival people greeted us and offer their lunch package.

Lunch package: 500 php per person

2hrs Balsa Ride w/ Lunch:
- rice
- ensaladang pako (must try)
- inihaw na tilapia
- okoy (shrimp)
- mineral water
- banana

** Additional 40 php for Liempo

Nice view, our family enjoy this short trip specially the kiddos, good experience.

1) Bring umbrella (for sun & just in case it rains)
2) Wear Sandals or any comfy shoes
3) Don’t forget Sunblock
4) Extra Clothes

Special note: Mag-ingat sa Tae ng Kabayo!!!

Escrita el 18 de noviembre de 2018
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Manila, Filipinas140 aportes
ago de 2018 • Amigos
There are 7 lakes in San Pablo Laguna and Lakes Pandin and Yambo should be included in your itinerary.

I rarely do trekking and hiking but since i was not made aware of how long this was I accidentally did but i must say it's all worth it.

Tips: wear comfy shoes or sandals, extra clothes should you prefer dipping in the clear cold lake, wet wipes and dont forget to put on sunblock.

Theres a little guide (kid) who can accompany you to the lake. They dont charge but feel free to give them a tip.

Once at the lake, it would be your choice if youll ride the raft to check out Lake Yambo. They charge us 1200 which already includes their standard meal.

The raft will take a stop at the mountain path where you can trek going to Lake Yambo which is also your choice as going down to Lake Yambo has a seperate entrance fee but feel tree to take a picture instead. You are allowed to stay for 2hours here where you can have your meal or take a dip.
Escrita el 2 de octubre de 2018
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Calamba, Laguna, Philippines2 aportes
jul de 2018 • Amigos
We recently agreed to visit Pandin lake even though the weather is kinda gloomy.. we did some research on how to get there and the possible expenses we might be paying.. all research done we all agreed to go.. here are some points if you will be travelling on a budget tour (DIY commute).

1. Ride the jeepney from SPC plaza going to Nagcarlan in order to save some fare (13 pesos vs 100 pesos tryk). Just ask the driver to drop you off at the entrance going to Pandin.

2. There will be some"tour guide" who will point you on your way to the lake. Might as well let them bring your bags if you have brought your own food. You will be tipping them when you get there.

3. Apparently,the right of way going to the lake is on private land so there's a "fee" of 60pesos before you enter. Recently, as I've read it's just 20 pesos.

4. Upon arriving you will be greeted by very friendly people who will tell you about the services.

a. If you have food - 250 pesos per person balsa ride

b. 500 per person if you plan to have their package lunch which consists of below menu.

-ensaladang pako (a must try)
-inihaw na tilapia
-okoy shrimp or ginataan shrimp if available
-water, some banana,
-theres an option of adding inihaw na liempo for 40 pesos and fresh buko

4. The balsa ride will take 2 hrs.
Escrita el 11 de julio de 2018
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Lavein H
1 aporte
may de 2018 • Amigos
D n tumuloy. Just 1 year and anlaki n agad ng tinaas nila. Not worth it. Entrance sa way papunta my bayad. Ano un walang libreng daan? Ganyn n ba tlga dyn?? Panay bayad n lng
Escrita el 6 de mayo de 2018
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Norton Q
Metro Manila, Filipinas28 aportes
abr de 2018 • Pareja
The lake is good, could be there for a relaxing day trip yet surprisingly there is a pathway charge for 60 pesos per head. On the way going to the lake needs to pass a farm, the security personnel beside the gate is asking 60 pesos to each one who enter the area, this is really a huge amount for a short distance of mud road, just about 200 mts. That is a crazy charge, think if I have a group of 20 persons, then I need to pay 1200 pesos first before reaching the lake which is not a private property.
Escrita el 9 de abril de 2018
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Terry M
Hamilton, Canadá3,647 aportes
feb de 2018 • Amigos
Some things you see on an itinerary and you think it just fills time. This trip was the sort of one you remember. It took the better part of 3.5 hours to reach the lake's parking lot. It was an easy 10 minute walk on an easy trail, horse barns and green grass as company. You head down a final slope to see this small jewel of a lake, the reward only beginning. The local 'community' attracts tourists to the area with bamboo rafts on which you have a local lunch. The rafts are hand-towed to the far side of the lake. Lunch consisted of a nice salad, the smallest of shrimps [so small you just ate everything, quickly used to the crunch], the ubiquitous rice and bits of pork. A coconut was available plus water. Dessert was something in texture that tasted like Turkish toffee. Our guide offered some of the local moonshine called 'coconut wine' but we all agreed 'coconut grappa' was a better description. You could go for a dip in the lake but you had to wear a life jacket. I just can't help thinking a few simple lodges along the lake could make the locals more money.
Escrita el 20 de febrero de 2018
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Aileen T
Las Pinas, Filipinas24 aportes
abr de 2017 • Familia
My family & I went to Lake Pandin on a whim, & on a holiday. This trip started from a series of unfortunate events to a great adventure! The uphill trek was tiring & maybe even dangerous, esp. to small children & Senior citizens, & those with health problems. We had an efficient & very courteous guide (Nathaniel), who, for a 12-yr. old, was quite a pro! Before we even started, he told us that demanding payment for the tour is not allowed! Huffing & puffing, we got there! It was like being in a mall's 3-day sale! Huge crowd! We waited for our turn. Took us almost 2 hrs. to get on the balsa. Ms. Tina, the dispatcher, was obviously overwhelmed. Her 'system' received a lot of complaints. In fairness, she tried her best, & did so with nary a complaint. When, finally, we got on the balsa, it was HEAVEN! our 'bangkeros' were young, but, good at their jobs, There was a guide rope that they had to pull along as we went to the other side of the lake. On that end was a 'parking spot' for the balsas - a perfect little nook - shady,quiet, & there was even a makeshift swing tied to a tree! Enjoyed the hour there swimming, taking pics, etc.Had to return as it was getting dark. on our way back, there were still a few people on their way in!! In all, Lake Pandin is highly recommended for tourists, local & foreign. Don't go there on a holiday, though!!
Escrita el 1 de mayo de 2017
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