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Donna A
Moscow, ID30 aportes
jul de 2018 • Pareja
One of my favorite things to do when in Playa Chiquita is drop-in yoga classes at Tierra de Yoga (@ Tierra de Suenos Lodge). $10usd, daily @ 8:30am except Sundays. I’ve never had the same instructor twice, all with different styles and energy, none pretentious. Beautiful open-air studio/yoga pavilion.

p.s. I love following up class with a vegan smoothie next door at Casa Mandala/Mandala Cafe.
Escrita el 25 de julio de 2018
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Diamando GOLIVE Spartan
Nueva York, Estado de Nueva York10 aportes
feb de 2018 • Solitario
When I was confronted with the idea of going on a vacation, my mind immediately gravitated to a yoga retreat. I needed to unwind. I needed to re-center. I needed to jump start a healthier lifestyle. I spent weeks researching places. I was looking at India, Hawaii, and Costa Rica. I was open to any option as long as the dates matched the exact dates that I needed to travel. That turned out to be the most difficult part of the process. My dates were inflexible due to work commitments. That fact, ultimately, is what brought me to Tierra de Yoga.

Their retreats are designed to be self designed. The dates are flexible. This can be a plus and a minus because it might turn out that you're the only one on a yoga retreat when you're there. The lodge isn't solely a yoga lodge. People come to relax and refresh but not necessarily to do yoga.

While I was there, there were four other people there for the yoga aspects of it. We all participated in yoga classes every morning at 8:30 and every evening at 7:30pm. Of course, the classes were optional, but since they were included in the price, I took advantage of all of them. As an experienced yogi, I did find the classes to be less challenging than I anticipated. Like I said, this isn't a traditional yoga retreat. That being said, there were a few classes that were really wonderful and ALL of them were relaxing and centering. Callie, one of the owners, is an extraordinary yoga teacher. She stepped in to teach one day and then was accommodating in providing a 2 on 1 makeup yoga class one day that a friend I met there went on a kayaking trip during the morning yoga class. She is incredibly empathetic and intuitive and a wonderful teacher, able to work with people of all skill and experience levels.

I wouldn't necessarily say the same about all of the teachers. Many of the teachers there are teaching in exchange for lodging. This means that there are some young, adventurous, new teachers exploring the world. I was lucky to have a basis of knowledge to be able to adapt, but a newer student wouldn't necessarily be able to keep up and adjust even with the most beginner of classes- which most of these were.

In addition to the yoga classes, three meals per day were also provided. They offer the option for a lot of different types of detoxes and cleanses, ranging from fasting to vegetarian meals. I opted for vegetarian. The food was AMAZING. Also, I suffer from some food allergies and they were really great about providing me with options that were completely safe for me to eat and didn't make me feel like I was missing out on anything. The breakfast and lunch were some of the best food I've every had- providing more than enough fuel for the day. I even stole some ideas and have incorporated them into my diet back at home. Dinner wasn't quite as appetizing, but still good. The evening chef, while friendly and talented, wasn't as diverse as the daytime meals. But Callie and her chefs carefully planned every single morsel.

The accommodations were also lovely. I did overhear one guest complain that they didn't have the ability to open and close windows in her bungalow, but that didn't bother me. I was plenty warm with the blanket provided and I could imagine the air becoming pretty stagnant with closed windows and all that humidity on the Costa Rican coast. Mosquito nets were provided and were necessary, but weren't 100% effective due to being torn in places and not actually covering the entire bed. But the rooms were cleaned daily, the mattress was comfortable, and the water for the shower always seemed to have pressure and hot water.

An added bonus of the lodge was the Infrared Sauna. Its daily use was also included in the package price. It was something I didn't know I needed until I started using it and felt a dramatic decrease in my chronic pain.

Callie's husband Jason was incredibly enthusiastic and had connections with a lot of local tour guides and was able to provide me with a bunch of fun experiences outside the lodge. My only slight complaint was that I felt as though I had to follow up a lot to plan my activities. Island life mentality is not what I'm used to. I would have loved to have had a completely carefree experience, but if I had let it be that way, I probably wouldn't have actually done any of the amazing things Jason helped me arrange.

The beach was a short walk away with another larger beach about a km away. It was worth the walk for a day, but the beach across the street was perfectly lovely for daily use.

A couple of things I wish I had known before going:
1) bring cash- you will need it for any excursions you want to go on. Don't rely on going to an ATM because it's not close by and there are only 2 and they regularly have long lines.
2) pay in colones in order to get a better rate. I almost always lost money when paying with American dollars
3) the ride from SJO airport is LONG. Really long. It took me 6 hours to get there and then 8 1/2 hours to get back to the airport to leave. Had I known this, I most likely would have paid extra to fly to a smaller nearby airport.

Those are minor things though that are easily remedied next time.

I look forward to someday returning as I really had a wonderful experience. Everyone was friendly and kind and willing to help out with anything I needed or wanted. I learned a lot, did a lot, ate a lot, and left with a lot clearer mind.
Escrita el 24 de marzo de 2018
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