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Culver City, CA4,327 aportes
sep de 2021
The Ford Theater is located near Universal Studios. Make sure you have directions to get there, if you get turned around it is not fun. It is right off the 101. The theater is stunning. It is outdoors and is a smaller venue which is great, but large enough to draw great acts, from Classical to Blues. They have something for everyone and going there is such a treat.

The place is just so beautiful. It is built right into the Hollywood Hills, and the stage is backed into a wonderful hill with trees and brush. The stage appears to made of redwood, but maybe it is just the stain color. It is also beautiful. The entire area feels like you have left the City and entered Big Sur, without the redwood trees. It even smells fresh and calming. The seats are comfortable and there is not a bad seat in the house. You will be able to see the stage from anywhere, no view is obstructed.

The sound system is amazing. You will be able to hear from where ever you are and it will sound great, it also will not be so loud you want to cover your ears.

Now, the parking is stacked, so get there early because it is limited. If it fills you will end up down the street and you will have to shuttle up. So, get there at least 30 minutes ahead of time, an hour if you want to eat at the restaurant, and get over the fact that you will be in a line of cars to get out. It does not take long. And what is great about the stacked parking is it is right near the entrance--no long walk. It also has security for the entire event.

At the gate you will see how pretty The Ford is. Every detail is lovely from the gates to the steps. There are quite a few steps so if you have a hard time walking, take it slow and if in a wheel chair, there are ramps for you and an elevator.

Once at the top of the steps, you will see an outdoor area to bring a picnic or go into their restaurant. The restaurant they have at present is very pretty but only serves vegan food, to which I say no thanks. But if that is your thing, the chef is semi-famous. I like the Grab and Go little market they have there. You can bring all manner of food to your seats or sit in the patio area before the show.

The Grab and Go market is pricey. Can I please just get an actual bottle of water or a coke and not have to pay for the fancy waters and ever so cool cans of stuff. I mean really. And the food is also expensive and not the best, but good. We had a ham and butter sandwich which was great. We also had mini corn dogs, made with chicken and no sticks and spicy chicken. Both of those were fine, but not that good and for the price they should have been much better. They also were not hot enough. But we love The Ford, and I can't take a star for just okay food, now I know to bring in stuff, including some water or just try other things at the market or hope that get a new chef that will make food that is not just vegan.

Once inside the theater you will be helped to your seats and you will just relax. The place is calming and fun. We saw a Blues band, Vintage Trouble, there and danced the night away, but there was always this calmness that ran though you. Everyone was friendly. Don't dress like a slob. You won't fit in, even through it is allowed. Nice jeans and a decent shirt are really the minimum.

The entire staff is great. They know this place well, will help and direct you and answer any questions. They are also very calm. It must be in the air. Note the weather because it can get chilly outside in that hilly area.

The Ford follows all Covid requirements. You will be vaxed or have proof of a neg. test or you won't get in. You will also wear your mask when you are not eating or you will be told to do so, refuse and out you go. I love that. The staff all have proper masks on the whole time.

If you are in town and want to see our best outdoor amphitheater you can't go wrong with The Ford. You can find all events on their web page and their prices for tickets are reasonable--makes up a little for the pricey fancy water.

I just can't say enough about The Ford. Go there.
Escrita el 24 de septiembre de 2021
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teresa w
Los Ángeles, CA141 aportes
ago de 2019
Had a great time at this outdoor venue in the Hollywood Hills! Parking is Greek Theater style. Not paved. Not expensive though! Shuttle service up and down the hills. Reasonably priced tickets to see Women Rising Los Angeles Dance Festival. Loved it! Perfect for the outdoors. All the choreography was done by women! What a performance! Lots of ushers and lots of security. Not a bad seat in the place! Everyone brings their own food and wine like at the Hollywood Bowl. Didn't like the beef burger from the concession stand. Too much blue cheese . My friend liked the veggie burger. Drinks were ok. Next to the 101 Freeway. Gets chilly in the evening. So, bring a sweater or blanket! Enjoy!
Escrita el 19 de agosto de 2019
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Los Ángeles, CA3 aportes
ago de 2018
I would highly recommend this venue. It's BEAUTIFUL and there truly isn't a bad seat in the house...really. It has the coolest vibe, lighting is nice, food court, you can bring your own food and drinks if you'd like. I call in the miniature Hollywood Bowl. Buy your tickets now!!!
Escrita el 23 de julio de 2019
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Russell T
Columbus, OH67 aportes
sep de 2018 • Amigos
Went to Ford Theater to experience the 'LOST' experience. This was my original goal in going to LA, and bought the tickets before the sold out in less than 24 hours. The theater is not nearly as large as the Hollywood Bowl just up the street, but it is large enough. Built into the hillside, the outer walls encircle and meet the hill around the stage area, and is open to the stars. Overall, very comfortable seating with adequate space, the reflection of the music off the hillside added depth to the performance. If you are a fan of the TV show LOST... you must have this experience on your bucket list. Truly an amazing performance by the orchestra, and we were treated to some extras which were not announced until it happened. First, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, (creators and writers for the show), had a question/answer period before the show. Then several of the actors on the show began showing up on stage... Sawyer, (Josh Holloway), came out... followed by Claire, (Emilie De Ravin), then Charlotte, (Rebecca Mader), Nadia, (Andrea Gabriel), and Jin, (Daniel Day Kim)... they contributed to the discussion and when the concert was set to begin, they took seats in the audience themselves... and Jin and Sawyer sat in the seats next to me! Afterward, they hung around for autographs and chat... Most of them leaving before I could reach them, but Damon stayed and made sure everyone that wanted a pic and autograph with him got it... love how he stays in touch with his audience.
Escrita el 12 de abril de 2019
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Seattle, WA1,092 aportes
sep de 2018 • Amigos
Loved visiting this outdoor venue for a concert. It’s small and intimate so you’re never too far from the action. The acoustics made the performance really special and the seats were comfortable. It’s also in a convenient location and easy to get to. I was glad to have had the opportunity to visit this theatre!
Escrita el 13 de febrero de 2019
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Altamonte Springs, FL22 aportes
sep de 2018 • Solitario
I've been to the Ford Theatre for two performances, and like the venue. It feels intimate and the stage is close enough for good viewing. It can be chilly at night, and the Santa Ana winds can blow up dust and cause discomfort. Parking is a challenge, so if you want to be on the lot, get there as soon as the gates open for the performance. The food has been upgraded during the past two years, and further improvements can still be made. Lovely overall experience.
Escrita el 21 de enero de 2019
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Riverside, CA646 aportes
jun de 2018 • Familia
This is a very beautiful and clean outdoor theatre nestled in the Hollywood Hills that offers free summer shows for kids. The cost was $5 for 13 and up and $5 for parking. We went for the first show of the summer to see LE BALLET DEMBAYA perform. We arrived at 9am sharp so that we could park in the non stacked parking area which they fill up first. Preshow included learning about multiple animals on our way up the stairs. They also had craft activities were my kids made bow ties for the show. We bought some donuts and juice for breakfast and they allowed us to bring it in to the theatre. Seating was open and we sat near the front although sitting anywhere is a great view (unless someone tall is in front of you) since it has theater seating. My kids loved the African dancing at the show and even participated in dancing and exercising during the show. They also taught the kids how to sing in an African language. My kids loved coming here and we plan to come again.

Be prepared for Hollywood traffic
Arrive early to park in non stacked parking area
Bring a small blanket or jacket since it can sometimes be a little chilly in the morning
Escrita el 8 de enero de 2019
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4 aportes
oct de 2017 • Negocios
A nice small outdoor theatre which is not too uncomfortable. Bring a jacket if it gets too cold. Also water on hot days is a must.
Escrita el 11 de octubre de 2017
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Irvine, CA220 aportes
oct de 2017 • Familia
Went here for a jazz concert with the kids and enjoyed the venue. We arrived early and the event was not very busy so parking on site was not a problem. It is stacked parking but we were able to leave quite promptly upon returning to our car at the end of the concert. There is a steep climb up to the theatre so be prepared for that. The walk up is pleasant and includes nice areas to site and picnic and enjoy the outdoors. We were in the cheap seats but could hear and see quite well without obstruction. Again, it wasn't full but even if it had been the sight lines were fine. The acoustics were very nice without any boominess or other problems you sometimes get with outdoor venues. My only complaint was at how expensive the snacks were at the snack bar. A pack of chips was $5 which even by these sorts of venues standards is outrageous. Luckily the ticket price for our concert was quite reasonable. Definitely would go back to another concert here.
Escrita el 2 de octubre de 2017
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Marie L
Santa Ana, California, United States48 aportes
ago de 2017 • Amigos
It has been improved and it has easier access once inside the venue. They have elevators to all levels if stairs are not your favorite. I went to a concert at this outdoor venue very near the Hollywood Bowl. The parking is stacked so we took a shuttle from another parking lot which was free. The parking was not free. Getting out of the place after the show was a little slow but the parking lot was very close to freeway and got to avoid the Bowl traffic.
We had some food there and it was ok. Just ok. You can bring your own food and beverages including wine. There are lots of tables and places to sit and eat before the show. It gets chilly at night so be prepared for that.
Escrita el 27 de agosto de 2017
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