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Fort Trumbull State Park
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ene de 2022
Nice park near the center of New London. It was a strategic fort at the mouth of the Thames River (mispronounced in the USA). Nice walking area and some decent views. We did not go into the fort or the visitor center because they weren't open, but plan to return when they are.
Escrita el 3 de enero de 2022
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Windsor, CT348 aportes
ago de 2021
My husband and I visited Fort Trumbull State Park and Visitor’s Center in New London, Connecticut on Wednesday, August 25th, 2021. I was very glad we had the opportunity to visit them before they both closed for the season on Labor Day. An added bonus to our visit was that the impressive Coast Guard Tall Ship Eagle was docked at one of the fishing piers at the park and our admission to the fort and Visitor’s Center was the time of our visit, which was definitely a pleasant surprise. Our visit was quite educational and a good lesson in history, science and technology. We spent about two hours touring the fort and Visitor’s Center and walking the grounds. There was also plenty of free parking.

We recommend visiting the fort and Visitor’s Center as well as walking the beautiful grounds, especially on a nice sunny day. However, the fort and Visitor’s Center, are not planned to be open again until next Memorial Day weekend. But the grounds, walking paths, and fishing pier remain open year round. The grounds included picnic tables and benches at the time of our visit, making for a great place to relax and spend some time enjoying the spectacular view of both the Thames River and New London Harbor. Definitely wear comfortable shoes if you plan to walk the grounds, which are very nice to walk-around.

This review is divided into two sections: Touring the Fort and Touring the Visitor’s Center.

Touring the Fort:

We started our visit with touring the fort. However, the Visitor’s Center could also be toured first because it provides excellent background information on the history of the fort. Unfortautely, all the rooms in the fort were locked except for a dungeon/jail and the Cold War Lab. When we visited three years ago, some of the rooms in the fort were nicely restored to reflect how they were previously used for nearly three centuries by soldiers, sailors, scientists and submariners, depending upon the time period. An Engineering Display Room, an Engineering Office and Research and Development Lab, a dining area and living quarters as well as a Cold War Anechoic Chamber Testing Lab were among the rooms in the fort’s interior that nicely illustrated some of the purposes that the fort served. However, most of these rooms were closed at the time of our visit.

The important roles that the fort played during the American Revolution, War of 1812, Civil War, World War I and World War II, and the Cold War were depicted in write-ups throughout the fort and Visitor’s Center providing excellent background information. The view of New London Harbor from the fort’s ramparts on the second floor was quite impressive, including the fishing pier with the tall ship Eagle, the Groton Monument at Fort Griswold on the other side of the Thames River as well as the various boats and ships passing by on the scenic river. The fort was nice to walk around, explore and spend time relaxing and enjoying a beautiful day.

Touring the Visitor’s Center:

After touring the fort, we went to the Visitor’s Center, which had two floors of exhibits, videos and interactive displays, providing an excellent and comprehensive history of the fort, including the many purposes it served and the roles it played by time period. Information on the British Attack under the command of Benedict Arnold in 1781 and the burning of New London and Fort Griswold was nicely depicted. Details on the evolution of the fort through the First, Second, and Third Systems of US Coastal Fortifications were also well illustrated. This included the advancements in weaponry, technology and architecture, with the Third System of Forts reflecting a comprehensive system of national harbor defense. The Egyptian Revival architecture of the fort, which was unique to the fort, was quite interesting, in particular because of the location of the fort on the Thames River. How Fort Trumbull fit in with New London, the United States and the world was also very nicely depicted throughout multiple time periods. .

The birth of the US Coast Guard and Merchant Mariners as well as their associated training at the fort were also nicely illustrated. The development of SONAR, the undersea technology in the fort’s sound lab by research scientists, including Fort Trumbull’s very important role in defeating U-Boats in World War II using SONAR, was also well depicted. Details on the convergence of technologies such as SONAR, sonobuoys, radar and much more were also explained and were both very impressive and informative. In addition, the Cold War anti-submarine efforts were interestingly illustrated.

Again we recommend a visit to the fort and Visitor’s Center and plan to return again next year. Also, during the off-season, when the fort and Visitor’s Center are not open, we recommend walking the beautiful and impressive grounds if you have the opportunity.
Escrita el 8 de septiembre de 2021
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Autumn M
Stamford, CT3,246 aportes
jul de 2021 • Familia
This is a nice park with great water views. My 3 year old had fun exploring the park. You get go to the top of the fort for even better views.
Escrita el 31 de julio de 2021
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Jennifer S
29 aportes
jul de 2021 • Amigos
I loved walking around the grounds. There are many beautiful water views and different viewpoints of the fort itself. I didn't care as much for the museum part.
Escrita el 20 de julio de 2021
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Bangor, ME451 aportes
ago de 2019
We had a beautiful day and time to spend. Clam rolls, lobster rolls sitting in the park was a terrific afternoon with great views.
Escrita el 30 de septiembre de 2019
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David C
Coventry, RI3,002 aportes
sep de 2019 • Familia
You can get access to most of the park for free. If you pay the $6.00 fee you can go upstairs and watch the videos and see the exhibit. It’s much like Fort McHenry. Great views and paths to walk. Awesome opportunity to get to see the US Coast Guard’s tall ship, The Eagle. It is still used as the USCGA’s training vessel. If the Eagle is in port you can climb on and explore for free. We enjoyed it here very much.
Escrita el 31 de agosto de 2019
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Alex B
Providence, RI727 aportes
jul de 2019 • Solitario
I had a really good experience when I visited the museum recently. After walking to Fort Trumbull from the train station (takes about a half hour) I learned that you can’t pay admission by card, and I didn’t have cash. But the man at the desk very kindly let me in anyway after I explained my situation. Not only was the staff kind, but the museum itself was also highly information and much broader in scope than I expected. It reveals the essential roles this fort played in American history from the Colonial era to the Cold War through a number of interesting exhibits and displays. I spent so much time in the museum (which is housed in a nearby building) that I didn’t leave in time to tour the fort itself. I did, however, get to tour the well-kept grounds and visit the pier. I will be back here soon to tour the fort, and I’ll be bringing a cash donation to say thanks for the free visit!
Escrita el 22 de agosto de 2019
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Vanessa S
Lebanon, Pensilvania16 aportes
ago de 2019 • Familia
Must check out if you're a history buff. This is one of two forts the traitorous Benedict Arnold lead marches on, though I believe he personally marched on the second fort across the Thames River.

It's interesting to see the progression of the fort from Revolutionary War times to Civil War to World Wars. Some things remaining the same but the introduction of technology and new usage of the fort through time is fascinating.

Also, regarding price, only the museum charges. The fort and the grounds surrounding it are free to explore.
Escrita el 8 de agosto de 2019
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Saint Louis, MO36 aportes
sep de 2018
The museum hours don't necessarily match those of the larger park. If you want to dive into the history of the fort be sure to check if the museum is open before coming. If the weather is nice, its worth a visit even if the museum is closed. There's a fishing pier, easy sidewalk trails and river views. When I was a kid this area was strictly off limits with active military operations and it was super cool to see it when it finally opened to the public. I has a long and varied lineage of active defense and training uses that make it a pretty unique site in SE CT.
Escrita el 6 de agosto de 2019
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East Hartford, CT16 aportes
jun de 2019 • Pareja
I love fishing and am always looking for good places to go. I dubbed the Fort Trumbull Fishing Pier "The Long Walk" because it is a good hike from the parking lot to the pier, especially when you are lugging gear and food. It is very well designed and easy to fish from. Unfortunately we haven't been able to catch many fish but we keep trying. Pets are allowed in the park but not on the pier.
Escrita el 30 de julio de 2019
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